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  • Luanne Uriel


Look at this "old soul"!! I'm going to take a minute to express something that moved ME deeply, about one of my couples. We live in a world today, where sexual intimacy and promiscuity have been radically re-defined. Abstinence is frequently a "quaint" old concept that doesn't have any relevance in today's world. I have struggled in this area. But there ARE still couples today who honor their sexuality in this way. This amazing, beautiful, sexy Mom patiently waited 38 years for Mr. Right, and then they both practiced abstinence until they married. And then this little sweetie was delivered a year later! I don't mean to judge any couples who choose a different path, but I do want to HONOR this couple for taking the narrow road, for having faith that God would bring the right person into their lives, at the right time. I was tremendously blessed by their testimony, and honored I was able to participate in this very special birth! I hope you are too!

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