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A Sweet Waterbirth in an RV!

After having six children, three boys and three girls, all in a hospital, we knew for sure that we did not want to have our seventh child in one. Since we live fulltime in a RV we were thinking about having her in Dallas at a birthing center.

While visiting our aunt in SD and attending a local church, we started asking if there was a good birthing center or midwife in the area. Someone at the church referred us to Luanne Uriel and within a couple of weeks she came out to the RV and started the process. We know that God had a hand in this.

Sunday morning on 14 Aug 2016 Misty woke me around 0430 and said she was pretty sure labor had started. We called Luanne who said she was on her way to the RV and proceeded to fill the tank and get ready to have a baby.

We are so, so happy that we decided to bring our little girl, Camilyn, into the world this way and that we had Luanne as our midwife. She was very professional and compassionate, depending upon what was required at the time.

If we decide to have any more children, then we will want Luanne as our midwife again, without any questions. She is the best and was sent to us by God. It was an experience that we will never forget and cherish always.

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