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March birth - "ole blue eyes"

"Even before I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a home birth with a midwife who would treat my pregnancy as a natural part of life. Fortunately for us, Luanne moved to our area during my pregnancy, and she provided exactly the care we were looking for. On our son’s birth day, Luanne and our doula were incredible! I was amazed at how they worked with us to find the most comfortable positions for labor and the first stages of his birth. Unfortunately, our son was posterior and in no hurry to join us. After more than two hours of pushing, we were not making much progress. With Luanne’s support, my husband and I made the decision to transfer to the hospital. Luanne ensured that our transfer was seamless. At the hospital, Luanne helped us decide what medically necessary interventions would be the most appropriate. Though I was reluctant to have an epidural, it was honestly the best choice for us at that time. I was still able to have a vaginal birth, and our beautiful son was healthy. Luanne was reassuring, encouraging, and conscientious of our needs at every stage, and we are incredibly thankful for her care." - HAVEN'T EVER SEEN SUCH BLUE EYES ON A BABY! LUANNE


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