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  • Luanne Uriel CNM

The Blizzard Baby...brrrrrrr

So what does the Midwife do when a birth takes place during a blizzard? During Christmas Night?Well......when Mom lives a ways away (as in this case), and when the roads are totally blocked (even snow-plows stranded)......there's not much the Midwife CAN do, but be available for instructions by phone. EMS had been called, but even they weren't able to get their trucks out of the garages and onto the roads!

So in this case, we had a very wonderful, calm, experienced Mom who delivered the baby with the help of Dad and 2 neighbors (one was an RN) PRAISE THE LORD, all went well!!

And the Midwife was able to come out later that

afternoon, after the roads were plowed, and finish

the tasks at hand. Of course, we never plan for

this to happen, but when it does, we hope and

expect that birth will just happen, naturally, as it

usually does!

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