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A Wyoming birth!

"Before we met Luanne, my husband and I were unsure about going with a midwife. After our initial meet and greet, there wasn't a doubt in our minds. Home birth was right for us, and Luanne was right for us. I can remember thinking as Luanne checked me during our prenatal visits, "her hands are so gentle, they are caring hands." I always felt comforted, confident and safe when Luanne was around. She checked on us to make sure we were staying healthy and happy, and I always felt the genuine care and love that she provided our family".

'When the time came to give birth, I couldn't wait for Luanne to get there...and the minute she did I was at ease. She was so calm, professional and reassuring throughout the painful experience that I was going through, and I always felt confident that Luanne was handling my birth just as it should be. Natural and safe. She made sure to do the least amount of intrusion possible and she allowed my body to do what it was meant to, all while monitoring and keeping baby and I safe. And before we knew it we had a healthy, 9 lb. little boy. After he was born, she helped the 3 of us into bed and she closed the door to give us time to get to know each other. In the meantime, Luanne, along with my doula, cleaned up the mess, cleaned my house, did my laundry and made us some food. She came in later to check baby's weight, length, etc. and then she left us in peace. Our new family. But Luanne is now part of our family as well. We will forever be thankful for the love and care Luanne provided, and there is no doubt that she will deliver all of our babies.'

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